Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hospitalised from 8-13 Oct

The day has arrived... though i took half day off but i only left office at 3pm =(
Lucky dad did the admission on his own & he was resting when i went to his ward. Suddenly the doc who did the lapiscope for my dad came & said he has something to tell us. My heart sunk when he told me that the results of the test showed that my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. Instead of removing part of the intestine, now they need to remove the whole thing by doing key hole plus a bikini line to take out the intestine. He said i need to make the decision right away & need my dad to sign a consent form as they worried the cells may spread. No one was with me & i'm really in a lost.. Called daddy jen & he really wake me up by knocking my head hard. Lucky my bro just knocked off & i asked him to come asap. Doc say this will be a major op & it'll takes about 4-5hrs.

Can tell dad was very upset though he said doc always exaggerate but it's nothing but the truth so we just got to accept it. We can only explained & assured him that all will be well.

Brought mum for breakfast b4 settling off to hospital. Can tell she didn't sleep well as her eyes was swollen & she just drank a cup of coffee saying no appetite...
Accompany dad to the operating theatre & told him we'll be waiting for him outside.
I breakdown immediately once dad was wheeled into the OT. Both me & mum cried together.. I've been enduring till i can't take it anymore, i feel much better after that. My dad has always in a pink of health & he seldom fall sick though he has high blood pressure & irregular heart beat. Why must such thing happen to him???
Waiting time is a torture... as time pass, we keep looing out of the ward & expected my dad to be wheeled back anytime soon.. but things dun turn well. He was sent to ICU straight as his heart beat slowed down during the operation. So they need to monitor him for the night. Lousy me, cried again when i saw him with so many tubes..
Didn't managed to see the doctors but the nurses ensure me that they will monitor & give me a call once my dad can transferred back to normal ward.

Called the nurse early morning & was told dad will returned to normal ward shortly. Feel relieved... Dad was not allowed to go down the bed & he need to inject morphine whenever he feel pain. He was simply too stubborn & dun wish to trouble the nurses. Even the nurses there told him off but he still can go down the bed & went toilet on his own.

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